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Mark worships the concept of "total freedom" in his art. Only through art can He reach states of total freedom on a regular basis. Creating art is the utmost positive escape. There is no downside. Mark is taking a stab at "total freedom" and it's a tall order, one that is worthy of working towards.

While Mark loves creating, he takes exceptional pleasure when someone other than himself is moved by his art, and in learning that his work has a positive effect on others.

Mark Abercrombie's work is featured in private collections in Portugal, Scotland, Canada, Australia, and America. Mark has been invited to contribute two paintings for permanent display at DCRI, a Duke University building in Durham, NC. Mark had 11 paintings displayed in the penthouse of the late architect of the African American Smithsonian History Museum, Phil Freelon. One of his paintings was purchased by a producer of Marvel Studio's movie "Iron Man" through this showing at the penthouse. The North Carolina News & Observer featured a photo of one of Mark's paintings in the Sunday Arts section of the newspaper's "Fall Arts Preview," as part of the newspaper's coverage of his solo exhibition. His shows have also been promoted by the Indy Newspaper located in North Carolina. Mark currently has many residencies where his art is always displayed and for sale. One of which is a residency at Chapel Hill Aloft Hotel. He recently opened "The Wallflower Gallery" in Chapel Hill, NC. He works with realtors; his paintings can be displayed in their listed homes for sale. 

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